All you need to know the domino table

domino is a popular Chinese entertainment game. Today it is still one of Asia’s most popular games, especially in Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. In fact, domino has spread in many countries and even in Western countries. Because of this, domino has created a lot of online version of the domino , and even created a tournament for this game.

When writing many articles to discuss various domino strategies, this article provides different aspects of the game. It focuses on the domino table.

Why discuss domino tables?

Many companions know that the domino game begins with manual mixing tiles. However, in some places there is no domino in closed areas, and domino living in the apartment, the voice of the domino game may have an unnecessary impact on the surrounding neighbors (and often boring).

In addition to the noise factor to consider, some domino players prefer to speed up the game, so that more games to play up. In part, the speed factor can be increased by limiting the setting steps before the game. The setup steps include pre-game elements such as shuffling, craps.

Finally, a major factor in domino is the “feeling” factor. Tile type, tile weight and different types of desktops affect the “feel” of the domino game. This is why some people in the game when the meeting arrangements, really carry their own set of domino bricks.

Because of these factors, different table manufacturers already need to design and build different types of domino tables to suit the different needs of domino players.

Different types of domino tables

In general, there are four different types of domino tables:

Foldable table

Standard table

Simple table

Automatic table

Foldable – allows the table to be folded into a small format (some than the original table size ratio of 1:10), so that a simple domino Taiwan storage. Because the table can achieve the small size, which makes them easy to carry.

The standard table is the most common domino table. These tables can usually be folded once to save storage space, but the collapsible folding table is the niche standard table. The standard table is typically 33 “or 34”.

The mini-table is usually one-third the size of the standard domino table. Usually, small tables can not play, but decorations are even used as gifts or souvenirs. They are usually packed agen poker online with mini domino bricks and sold as a set. Due to the miniature size, the cute stickers or fingerprints are common to the mini domino group.

Finally, the automatic timetable allows domino game automation in many ways, especially before the game is set. Some features include: mixing tiles, tile racks and throwing dice.

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